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Since 2018, we have set up more than 50 Aquatron-based STPs in different parts of India and many more are in progress at the moment.


Explore our installations on the map and do zoom in on Hyderabad as we currently have the highest concentration of installations there.

Click on the locations to see the basics of each installation and see below for more detailed case studies.


WeWork BlueOne Square, Gurgaon, 50 KLD - Retrofit installation

The existing STP at WeWork BlueOne Square was not adapting well to load fluctuations and had a rather high operation and maintenance costs. The situation was improved by augmenting the STP with Aquatron units for solid removal and automation for the water treatment plant. The improved plant is now able to adapt to drastic load fluctuations and the entire STP operator cost could also be removed.

Download full case study: 

Konark Hospitals, 13 KLD

Konark Hospitals in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad produces a daily wastewater volume of 13,000 liters which was being released untreated into the municipal drain. In order to stop the release of untreated sewage and achieve PCB compliance, an Aquatron® solid-liquid separator along with a simple water treatment plant and ozonator were installed at the hospital on September 3rd 2019. The Aquatron® unit completely removes faecal solids from wastewater and thereby enables straight-forward treatment of separated flushing water and other grey water. The total project cost was about Rs 6.2 lakhs and the monthly operating cost works out to about Rs 5,000. This includes all media refills for the filters as well as all power consumption for the ozonator and one pump. There are no separate operator charges. The test results for outlet water from Konark’s Aquatron®-based STP are within the PCB parameter limits.  

Download full case study: 

Admerus Biosciences, 21 KLD

The Aquatron®-based STP at Admerus Biosciences research facility in Hyderabad was commissioned in October 2018. The system is based on two Aquatron® solid-liquid separators that stop faecal matter from mixing with the rest of the wastewater. In effect, this enables easy and cost-effective natural water treatment in a reed-bed and also allows the facility to reuse the wastewater for gardening or groundwater recharge through a percolation pit. The daily treatment capacity is 21 KLD and the eventual number of users will be about 250. The total cost for materials, construction and project management was about Rs 8 lakhs and the operating cost is limited to running a simple pump for about Rs 500 per month.

Download full case study: 

Quantum Life University, 80 KLD

Quantum Life University is a training institute located in the countryside near Vikarabad, Telangana. When the University built a new dormitory for 600 training participants, they needed a sewage treatment system that would enable them to reuse all water instead of letting it go waste in a septic tank or be released into the natural environment without treatment. To serve this purpose, four Aquatron® solid-liquid separators along with a basic filtration system were installed on June 19th 2019. Aquatron® is used as the basis of the STP system since it separates faecal solids into a composting chamber and thereby enables easy filtration of the separated flushing water and other grey water. Furthermore, Aquatron® is not affected by load fluctuations between training courses. The total project cost for the 80 KLD requirement, including all equipment and tank civil works was about Rs 15 lakhs and the monthly operating cost is in the range of Rs 2000 for running a single pump. The Aquatron®-based STP enables the University to reclaim 95% of their wastewater for safe reuse and save Rs 30,000 septic tanker costs during each 10-day training course.


Download full case study:

More case studies coming soon... In the meantime, do ask us for further details if you are interested in finding out about any of the installations in the map.

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