Aquatron® truly revolutionizes sewage treatment plants as they are known today. Since faecal matter doesn't go beyond Aquatron® and there is no mixing of solid and liquid, smelly sludge is totally eliminated and energy-intensive aeration is replaced by 0-electricity natural composting.


With this starting point, Aquatron®-based STPs are capable of achieving PCB-standard water treatment with comparably uncomplicated equipment, low maintenance and less power consumption.


The modular nature of Aquatron®-based STP solutions makes them suitable for sites of almost all types and sizes from 1 KLD to the MLD range.

Some examples of clients who have already installed an STP based on Aquatron® include:

IT Towers
Aquatron-based STPs are a cost-effective solution - both in terms of capital expenses and operation & maintenance - for large office buildings.
Educational Institutions
Villa layouts
Movie sets
Individual homes
Employee residences
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Apart from these, Aquatron is also suitable for sites like apartments, resorts, ashrams, warehouses, public toilets and many more. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to see what we can do for you.


Aquatron-based STP installations come in many shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your available space. Tight spaces are not an issue and we can design a solution utilizing your basements, driveways, landscaping areas or even rooftops.

Aquatron is most often placed underground or in a basement but the rest of the treatment plant can be aboveground. Tank placement, design and materials are flexible.

Aquatron & bio-chamber underground            Ground level view               Treatment plant on rooftop

Typical underground tanks


Our STPs are IoT-enabled so you and your maintenance team will be able to monitor remotely at any time what is going on in your bio-chamber, your water tanks and your water treatment plant. A web dashboard as well as SMS updates keep you up to date of the regular STP functions and most importantly, the system sends out alerts in case there is any trouble on the horizon.

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